Today’s review is on a restaurant in 4 star, Jumeira Rotana hotel, located in the town of Satwa, Dubai. Let me just get the hotel location out of the way, it is something I did not expect. I was surprised that Jumeira Rotana, wasn’t in Jumeirah. Like I said, it is located inside Satwa. This one’s … Continue Reading


Thought I’d follow up last week’s post with the self-proclaimed boss of my own. If you gotta walk the talk, you gotta dress the part too! Being blessed with the privilege of handling my own time and activities till this date does make me feel like I’m my own boss, and what’s more fun than … Continue Reading

I AM MY OWN BOSS?? #currentstate

Hey there, wonderful earthlings! The ‘ber months has started and Christmas season is just around the corner (may seem far from you, but for us Filipinos, you bet we’re already counting down!) I’ve been reflecting lately because of how the days are flying by so quickly, and praise God because He has been working so … Continue Reading


Let me start with the real question “Do fashion bloggers really dress up ALL THE TIME? Or do they do it only for the pictures” I can’t speak in behalf of everyone, since we all have our opinions and perspectives. All I can share is my own perspective. I for one looooove the idea of … Continue Reading