Beauty isn’t constricted just to fashion and skincare, hence this post. I couldn’t avoid the fact that A Better Florist ticked a couple of boxes on my ‘things that make me smile’ list, so I had to introduce this wonderful flower shop to all of you. If you’re wondering why this is the florist in Dubai that has caught my eye, keep on reading to find out, but I promise, you won’t be bored or disappointed.

A Better Florist has recently come to Dubai, but it started off as a modest shop delivering flowers in Singapore. Pretty soon, their revolutionary ways made them the best florist in Singapore, and so they started their expansion to Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Dubai and a flower delivery Kuala Lumpur has as of recently.When you lay your eyes on their flowers, you’ll immediately see that A Better Florist really doesn’t play around with their blooms. Firstly, they look incredibly fresh, but not just on the website. Sometimes a picture doesn’t match what you get from a florist in UAE, but even if you go and visit A Better Florist right now, you’ll be overwhelmed with how beautiful, perky and vibrant every flower is. No flower that isn’t perfect, according to their standards, makes the cut or into the bouquet. This is a nice change, compared to other florists in, not just Dubai but everywhere else.

Another thing that’s going to catch your attention is the variety. They have a huge array of all types of blooms ready to create your stunning blooms, but they also offer so many choices of design. Besides the traditional hand bouquet and the flower arrangements, you can have your flowers delivered in a beautiful mason jar, or burlap wrapping, tied with a cute bow. It’s a mix of modern and traditional that has a charm nobody is immune to.

This flower delivery Dubai has yet to get to know a little bit better has gorgeous flower collections displayed in their shop and on their website, so you can easily find your way around. It’s easy to locate suggestions for Valentine’s Day flowers, Mother’s Day flowers, graduation, dates, home decor, whatever you are looking for. They also offer hampers, fruit baskets and have a killer fruit basket delivery.Speaking of delivery, A Better Florist is ahead of all florists, not just in Dubai, but every florist in Hong Kong, Singapore and florist in Abu Dhabi. Their delivery is designed to spoil every Valentine’s Day shopper, every mother, father, daughter who shops for holidays and loves to make their loved ones happy. They have a completely free, same day flower delivery that comes to any part of Singapore, any day. Regardless of the holidays, A Better Florist is always open, ready to deliver when promised. The best florist in Dubai also has an express flower delivery, which all of you who are busy all the time or sometimes even forgetful are going to love. Within just 90 minutes, your flowers, hampers or fruit baskets can arrive to any destination!

Finally, A Better Florist’s expansion from Singapore to being the best flower delivery in Hong Kong and overall the best florist in Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi and Dubai has given us enough reason to try and trust A Better Florist’s new approach to a flower shop. If you’re ready for your dose of fresh blooms, then hop onto ABF’s website now.

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