Did the first blogpost;Into the woodsfelt like a cliff hanger? I hope it occurred to you by now that it was an intention. Ha! Ready for the Finale post? Buckle up your seat belts & allow me to take a little bit of your time, because this will get as detailed as it can be. I mean, c’mon, I don’t always express so much of myself when it comes to styling posts. Haha

In the previous post I have spilled the history of myself discovering the brand! (Haven’t read it yet? Want to? Read here! *after going through this post)

Now let me tell you the reason why after 2 years of collaborating with them,

I haven’t gotten enough of GARAGE!

GARAGE is a brand that I am always proud to collaborate with, it is one of the few which has such a caring team. A team who knows how to take care and spoil their bloggers, yet challenge us in so many ways to become the best blogger we are today. & speaking of being the best blogger we can be, let’s talk about the hype; #bloggeroftheyear.

I am honored and grateful and all kinds of ecstatic towards this project. It does not only come with a prize (which will be shared to you soon!), but it also personally reminded me to spice things up on this space. As a teen blogger who has just began emerging yet being overwhelmed with the busy schedule this industry throws at me, I sometimes become contented. Almost forgetting that I could still do so much! 

I love being artsy fartsy and creative, it’s in my nature! I am a (fashion) design student for crying out loud! Although, after my 2nd year in University which ended recently, my creative juice dried up for awhile. I had my rest obviously, but thank God for this project, thank God for another challenge to spark this brain I have to dig deeper on what I can offer and brainstorm creatively.As for the voting period which will begin 2 days from now (June 1 to June 15, 2016)

I will not ask you to take my side & straightly vote for my blog; Daily Dose of KADC, the one thing I will ask of you is to vote for the blogger who you know is deserving! Not based on fame/popularity but based on content, effort, hard work, & who do you think mostly influenced you, because you already know that at the end of the day that’s what deserves the award. & if ever I do get your vote, I could not thank you enough and show such grateful gratitude than I am since day one of thanking my supporters! It would be another answered prayer for me. *prayersup

I cling onto one of my greatest motto:

 “Work hard for the reward”

I hope & pray YOU help me reach that.

I will be sharing the voting link very soon on my social media, so let’s stay glued till the end?

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#OOTD part 2

As promised, I am going to tackle more on what a Garage girl is on this post. Enough with the alter ego!

When I was scrolling through the online shop to decide on my picks, I wanted both looks to go different directions which I achieved. Thank you, Lord!

This outfit is definitely the Garage girl look, I can testify based on the brand identity. I am very picky when it comes to deciding, (believe me, I can take 3 hours in a shop just contemplating. LOL) but I just had to take these. I always liked peasant tops, & thus couldn’t pass on the embroidered 3/4 sleeve peasant top, which is lightweight perfected for this weather. It’s fine fabric and embroidered detail is too cute to handle! I tucked it in my mod blue button front skirt to give it more volume. (They’re both quite big on me which is surprising because it’s a size small & I’m normally an S or XS) Ya’ll know this skirt is definitely on trend right now, I thought it was going mainstream which I honestly do not like. But I was tempted to get myself one and attempt to flaunt it myself. & it works! Yayers!

Garage is known for their love affair and high quality when it comes to denim, I’ve had my fair share of justifying to that. I believe that they do have great quality, you just gotta make sure you get your right size, or else it just might go down the hill for you.

Everyone likes a cherry on top of their ice cream, & so do I. This outfit deserved a “cherry on top” too, I decided I wanted to give it a different direction. Instead of choosing a flower crown which I thought would be too feminine, I went for the attitude-worthy “Beach, please” baseball cap. Oh the love for puns! Expect me to be abusing this cap on my snapchat and Instagram posts! I am in dear inlove with it. Lastly, keeping that pendant choker because it deserves the recognition it can get. Guys, it survived from its crazy experience of getting hammered inside my washing machine. LOL. YAS TO GARAGE’S HIGH QUALITY!

Whole outfit sponsored by Garage


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Makeup sponsored by Federico Mahora (FM group – AMG)


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Photography: Vic Cubo

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Edit: KADC

My short FASHION FILM is finally up & live for viewing. The wait is over but the thrill isn’t!


Are you ready for a not-so-typical version? Watch & enjoy!

SPECIAL THANKS to the crew (AKA homies) who helped with brainstorming ideas and making the film possible!!

Christian Gacal (Script writer and director):

Elareese Ramos (Asst. director): Instagram | Youtube

Julianne Ramos (ghost actress/trailer editor): Instagram | Youtube

Pauline “Pichapau” Doctolero (Film editor): Instagram | Youtube

Alconcel family

Shop my OOTD

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