Hey there wonderful earthlings!
First of, apologies for keeping the blog idle. I honestly forgot I had pending posts to share to you guys! Anyway, here I am again! Looking at my outfit right here, just reminds me how I am almost wearing Garage almost everyday; to University, malls, meetings, even the supermarket! Yep, they are basically very convenient and quite versatile depending how you style their pieces.
In this post, I’m wearing a medium weight white top with fringes on the hem and sleeves with laced details. IN ENGLISH (haha) this top is very convenient during the summer. It has quite a heavy weight tho, the fabric used it quite thin.

As for the shorts, I’ve already spoke about it on my Denim on denim look.
This is what I’ll be telling you now tho, you can match it with mostly anything. A tee, crop top, or long sleeves. That’s how versatile it is!

I’m wearing:
Shades, top, & shorts: Garage
Shoes: ALDO x 18 shoes (Thank you, ninang Shirley!)
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Hope you like it! More to comeee
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