You know it’s been a hectic sched when your platform freezes even when you don’t wish it to. The love month has been very busy, surprisingly, and no – not because of valentines dates here and there. LOL. I’ve been having meetings for my future career and church event preparations, which kept be very occupied. Even when I got pending posts waiting to be published, I couldn’t just let the world see something I wasn’t fully proud of. What I realized through the years of blogging is that; it’s okay to take it easy on yourself, rest when you need to, and not pressure yourself! Continue doing what you do because you love the activity and what’s most important is avoid turning something you love into something that gives you anxiety and becomes toxic.

Just my two cents for a life update for ya’ll,

if you were wondering.

Now let’s talk ‘fit.

Once again, the city’s weather is becoming bipolar and making my “I have nothing to wear!!!!!” condition worse. Although in reality, as much as I want to deny it… Summer is around the corner. I wish I could say spring, but unfortunately, Dubai’s got weather-switch buttons. Metaphorically speaking.

Thus, here’s me wishing i could wear the same typ’a ‘fit consisting of layering for a little longer. I’m not a huge fan of pants nor jeans, but I’m gonna miss resorting to them during the winter time because wearing dresses/skirts/shorts would leave my legs shivering. Orange is such a bold and trending colour for all good reasons. Find your right kind of shade, and you’re gonna want to rock it. This pull over is a steal from Zara running under 50 bucks when I purchased it! Woohoo. To Keep myself warmer since it’s quite airy alone, I topped it with my one and only fave leather jacket from Zaful.

For the bottoms? An oldie but a goodie, my striped trousers (similar here) which just made my legs longer than ever! Ofcourse I can’t walk around with just a random pair! I’m enjoying the comfort and minimal style of my limited edition stans sneaks, not gonna lie 😛 

What I’m wearing:

Pull over: ZARA TRF

Jacket: Zaful

Trousers: Mango – Similar

Sneakers: Stan Smiths Adidas

Photography: Gem Macalma

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