What’s up wonderful earthlings? How’s the summer heat for ya?
The only day that I wouldn’t mind Dubai’s 50 degrees’ heat and wouldn’t complain is when I’m leaving the city and going off for a staycation! As you all know, my snapchatter friends, I’ve spammed my story with the getaway. And for those who doesn’t know yet, I celebrated August’s first weekend at the 5 star; Al Raha Beach Hotel with the childhood besties.
I’m so happy cause after raving about that glorious weekend, I’m finally sharing it to all of you!! The moment we arrived, I was already pleased by their service. Once the bellboy picked up our bags and luggages, we were automatically served with cold towels to refresh and also revitalize with a lime mint juice. There’s just something about Abu Dhabi hotels, the service they offer always satisfies me. (and I’m pretty sure not only myself but also the rest of their visitors)  My bestfriends; Julianne, Christian, and I were checked in the Gulf View Room, we were pretty much surprised how spacious and covenient our room was. I just loved how we had the perfect view of overlooking the swimming pools and beach. After chilling for an hour at our room and venturing and exploring the whole hotel, what’s left but to go ahead, hit the swimming pools, spa, and beach for some real summer fun activities!
After enjoying the heat, we decided it was time to really relax by going to the hotel’s Body & Soul Spa. One of the unique facilities they had was the Hydro pool which was like a huge Jacuzzi pool, with a bit of colder temperature tho. And so we went for the private flippin’ hot Jacuzzi pool and finally hit the hydro pool. 
Their services includes body massage and other treatments.Since our day 2 started really early, we wanted to make the most out of it. After having our heavy breakfast, we decided to hit the heat and hit the pools and beach again. Although when the clock striked 12 noon, the heat got a little bit too crazy to handle, therefore we went to the indoor pool (which was also inside the spa) because tanning was already unnecessary for us. Haha Sevilla restaurant was where we dined for the buffet dinner and breakfast. The food was ah-mazing.. if only I could go beyond 2 rounds of meals, I DEFINITELY WOULD. Felt like it was a taste of heaven on earth. Not only that, but the service was amazing too! And not only waiters would check up on you but also the Chef’s themselves. It’s their way of a sweet gesture just to make sure everyone’s happy with their food, and well, me & my besties.. We were daaaang happy with ours. (Still not over it to be honest)Overall, the experience was ah-mazing, fun, and let’s just say that weekend was just…. SUMMER GOALS RIGHT THERE. My documentary during that weekend wasn’t the best, just cause I was busy having too much fun and so I don’t expect the pictures to give justice to the ultimate experience. Although, I still want to go back and will definitely go back someday. Without a doubt, I highly recommend the beach hotel for you to try out whenever you just want to get away and unwind. 

Thank you, Al Raha!

 I’m wearing:
Bikini: New Look
Cover up: Jennyfer
Off shoulder romper: Market! Market! (Philippines)
Sandals: Vince Camuto
Slippers: Forever21
Photo credits: Al Raha Beach Hotel & KADC

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