What’s up wonderful earthlings! You know how on a daily basis, a person would just jump in a pair of their fave jeans, tee, and sneaks? Well, in my case, that really never happens. I always tend to pull something newly washed from my closet, which also explains the pile of my worn clothes during the week. I am for being a maximalist, although I love the idea of being minimal and simple, I do have a bit of both characteristics.. But more often than not, they contradict each other. (Hope I made enough sense for you there)

Today, I am going casual. I’d say this is my average casual look, I like making the effort to look good and dress up like I’m going to blog my #OOTD. Probably because during my University days, I’d be in my shress or sweats most of the time! For those who doesn’t mind the famous Blair Waldorf phrase “Fashion knows not of comfort”, this post, goes out to ya’ll!

It’s getting cooler in the AE, but you bet it’s still off-shoulder season. Pairing it with a pair of ripped skinnies is what makes the look casual and quite basic. To be honest, I am not one for wearing heels in the mall, but whenever I have somewhere fancy or a nice place to go to, you can count on me for taking in the pain! Lol. (but then again, there are comfy heels, so be wise with your selection. Unlike me today. Haha!) Keeping the sleek and chic vibe goin’, how can I forget to accessorize with my fave Tiffany and Co. necklace + Pandora bracelet. They tie up the whole look together, don’t you think?


this is my last post you’ll see me with my long hair! Ta-ta!

What I’m wearing:

Necklace: Tiffany and Co.

Bracelet: Pandora

Off-shoulder top: Splash

Ripped skinnies: Garage x DIY

Heels: ALDO

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