SPOTLIGHT WHITENING What’s up wonderful earthlings! Let me cut it to the chase and say… I for one love having pearly whites and a flashing smile. Who doesn’t?! However, going to the dentist once a month just to get your teeth cleaned and whitened is going to break the bank and leave you bankrupt because it is … Continue Reading


What’s up, wonderful earthlings! An exciting article is ahead of us, and I’m so excited to share this with you. But before anything else, I’d just like to briefly explain to those who don’t already know this fact about me. I’m a 19 year old who never really was into beauty products. Specifically – make … Continue Reading


What’s up wonderful earthlings!  So here’s another beauty update and review on this space. LUSH is love by many, I know that, and hopefully you know that. But let me just refresh your memory towards such a thoughtful brand. This one’s another fave that serves such a meaningful purpose to this world.  LUSH is well … Continue Reading


Good day wonderful earthlings! It’s been a good weeks off from the fresh productive blogposts, and ya’ll already know why. Garage’s blogger of the year voting period only has 2 days left! If you have visited my posts for the friendly contest along with the rest of my fellow Middle Eastern bloggers, you obviously already … Continue Reading