Greetings, wonderful earthlings! That’s right! I’m back from travelling and definitely back on the #bloggrind. I’ve planned to rest for atleast a week since I got back, although my fingers are itching to jump on the keyboard from one letter to the other, thus – here I am. I’ve been saving this post for something … Continue Reading

TOMBOY GRUNGE ft. Myk Lopez photography

As a blogger, I’m the type who likes staying mute about her plans. Often than not I tease and leak the mojo, but I’m pretty sure I’ve already mentioned a lot that I like surprises that I become one myself. Just like my look today. Honestly, who can label me? What do you think my … Continue Reading

ALTER EGO OVER #iweargarage

Greetings! Did the first blogpost; “Into the woods” felt like a cliff hanger? I hope it occurred to you by now that it was an intention. Ha! Ready for the Finale post? Buckle up your seat belts & allow me to take a little bit of your time, because this will get as detailed as … Continue Reading

INTO THE WOODS #iweargarage

Greetings wonderful earthlings! Some of you were probably wondering where the hey am I with all that is going on with Garage’s blogger of the year contest?! I’ve been mute about it for awhile, staying “MIA (missing in action) whilst most of the bloggers were already slaying their OOTD’s and blogposts! You should know by … Continue Reading