GARAGE x BIG BUBBLE RUN  What’s up wonderful earthlings! Hope everything’s going well and ya’ll enjoying your Spring break if it isn’t over yet. As for me, I surely am enjoying my spring break. It really does feel good to take a break from my workaholic self in university, a good reminder that it is a necessity to just chill … Continue Reading


 Hey there wonderful earthlings! Been missing in action again, only because University’s keeping me busy with all the deadlines to beat. (And also, because I’m lowkey nerd who wants to finish things off before the spring break. Work hard for the reward, always!) However, last February was hyped up by the annual festival of Redfestdxb! … Continue Reading


Hey there wonderful earthlings, I was invited to Sisley’s launch of their latest collection which was part of the lip range, the Phyto-lip twist. The event was held at The Lounge, Fashion avenue of the Dubai mall hosted by Paris Gallery last February 17, 2016.  It was an honor to be one of the many … Continue Reading


What’s up, wonderful earthlings? The Garage giveaway tour in Dubai, that’s what’s up! As you all know, before 2015 ended Garage hosted an amazing event and collaborated with Dubai top fashion bloggers to spread awareness and to promote the brand by giving away free denim jeans to those who came and visited the event. What better way … Continue Reading