Let’s go old school, a denim on denim with a touch of vintage vibes. Most impressions of me would definitely be more of the modernized era opposed to the throwback vintage mood, I wouldn’t beg to differ. However, vintage things, theme, fashion, concept, and all that jazz, does give me the feeeeels. It’s a beautiful … Continue Reading


What’s up wonderful earthlings! You know how on a daily basis, a person would just jump in a pair of their fave jeans, tee, and sneaks? Well, in my case, that really never happens. I always tend to pull something newly washed from my closet, which also explains the pile of my worn clothes during … Continue Reading


As someone who is deeply inquisitive when it comes to the fashion world, I am on a non-stop cycle of trying out new looks for myself to the point that I would create one probably never seen or usually worn of most. Atleast that’s the type of feedback I would get from my audience. It’s … Continue Reading


Thought I’d follow up last week’s post with the self-proclaimed boss of my own. If you gotta walk the talk, you gotta dress the part too! Being blessed with the privilege of handling my own time and activities till this date does make me feel like I’m my own boss, and what’s more fun than … Continue Reading