Today’s review is on a restaurant in 4 star, Jumeira Rotana hotel, located in the town of Satwa, Dubai. Let me just get the hotel location out of the way, it is something I did not expect. I was surprised that Jumeira Rotana, wasn’t in Jumeirah. Like I said, it is located inside Satwa. This one’s … Continue Reading

I AM MY OWN BOSS?? #currentstate

Hey there, wonderful earthlings! The ‘ber months has started and Christmas season is just around the corner (may seem far from you, but for us Filipinos, you bet we’re already counting down!) I’ve been reflecting lately because of how the days are flying by so quickly, and praise God because He has been working so … Continue Reading


Now that I’ve got your attention, it’s time I pour out my heart into words of thoughts. Sounds deep, isn’t it? Coming from a teen who you probably met as the smiley face? Alright, Fine, let’s make it less dramatic, I’m obviously not about that life. *Teehee Let me voice myself out. Where do I start? … Continue Reading


Hey there, wonderful earthlings! Things are getting hectic in the headquarters, specially because back to school season is here! Ofcourse before officially ending my freedom, I went on a fambam escapade in Fujairah here in the UAE! But let’s leave that for another session of reminiscing, shall we? For now, I am summoned to do … Continue Reading