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An exciting article is ahead of us, and I’m so excited to share this with you. But before anything else, I’d just like to briefly explain to those who don’t already know this fact about me. I’m a 19 year old who never really was into beauty products. Specifically – make up, yes, a fashion student who doesn’t go cray in Sephora nor Paris Gallery like a little kid who saw candy. Ironic? I think so too. Reason is, I was already surrounded by endless fragrance and makeup ever since I was in my mum’s womb. Literally. I grew up by my mom’s side who’s been working for and with Dior within the GCC countries. Obviously, I have my God mothers, auntie’s and uncles in the industry too. Hence, #Diorbaby. That’s probably the reason why I wasn’t into it, because it became a norm for me.. I mean, who wouldn’t be fed up seeing it almost literally in every corner of your house? The living room, bedroom, study table, toilet, everywhereeee. I know, so ungrateful Kimberly! LOL. I’ve surpassed that now that I’m older.

The late bloomer I am recently (and finally) got interested in exploring and jiving into the beauty bandwagon. Obviously, I had influencers by my side. Big part was my mom, helping me with what I could use for my late University years, although the versatile type I am, I didn’t only want to stick to Dior for the rest of my life. & so my bestfriend, Julianne Ramos was contagious enough to rub on me with the magic of makeup from different brands.

Colourpop was one of the drugstore brands, which was introduced to me in my early year of blogging. It was emerging, which explained the hype of it! I’m one for being VERY finicky when it comes to products being applied on my skin, especially face. Research needed to be done. After awhile of binge watching beauty Youtubers’ reviews and researching about the brand, I eventually went for my next purchase! Why? Because Colourpop finally ships worldwide + free shipping over 50$! Yesss!

My first purchase were the Ultra mattes. Read more here.

For this post, I decided to do a full face by using the new colourpop products I got. On here, I’m featuring the eyeshadow, highlighters, sculpting stix, lippie stix, lippie pencil, and a couple of ultra satin lips.

La la eyeshadow belongs to the super shock shadow range. This one’s a true rose gold colour, yep, that’s why it caught my attention! I’ve found out about this from one of my fave beauty youtubers either Roxette Arisa or Kathleenlights (Can’t really remember). I wasn’t too sure if I needed this, I mean, I know I don’t because of the stocks of eyeshadows I already have. I honestly wanted to get it for the sake of Rose gold collection, I wasn’t too sure if I would wear it because the word “metallic” quite scared me. Once I got my hands on it, swatched it, tried it on.. Oh my goodness, I fell inlove. Soooo glad I got it!

Rate: 5/5

Might be highlighter is another rose gold tone. Highlighters are the bomb right now, and I wanted to try it as well. This one’s beautiful, almost like a blush too but with highlight and shimmer. Now, I’m not telling you to slap this all over your cheeks, but it’s something you can definitely play with around! It’s pigmented, therefore you can either go sheer or build it up.

Rate: 4/5

Top to bottom: La la super shock shadow and Might be highlighter.

I also got sculpting stix which are contour and highlighting cream sticks. Since the noob I am is still learning, I found these to be very inexpensive and easy to work it. Definitely blendable and buildable. 

The top light colour is called Often, used for highlighting and brightening the areas you want to on your face. This one has a pink undertone which compliments my skin. 

Rate: 3.5/5

Bottom shade is called Point Dume, a dramatic mocha brown colour which gives amazing definition to the face. It perfectly sculpts it without showing you’ve done so much or tries too hard. However, if you want to go for a drastic look, you can always apply it twice! Again, blendable and buildable! I loooove this.

Rate: 4/5


This is the outcome of my full face look! Since most of my selections had rosy tones and pink undertone, it gave me a blooming and rosy cheeks look, which I think a lot of ladies out there would love to try as well. I am one for the more natural look compared to bold and dark make up, so I was really happy with this one. Before we get onto the lippies, on the picture above, I only have the Brink lippie pencil applied. 

Since colourpop doesn’t have base make up, I used Dior and FM make up for primer, foundation, concealer eyebrows, bronzing, and blush.

Moving on to the favourite part of every girlie, the lippies! Mattes and satin lips are very in trend today. Colourpop’s one of the brand which slayed the formulas, so inexpensive yet definitely impressive!

Top to bottom: Brink lippie pencil, Brink lippie stix, Echo park USL, Dopey USL, and Frick N Frack USL.

On here I got the combo goodness. I applied the Brink lippie pencil all over my lips for the base, topped with the Brink lippie stix. I would say it’s an everyday go-to lipstick since it’s very wearable all year round. Now, let me break it done for you.

Brink lippie pencil; The colour is much darker in pink. Beautiful when you apply it alone and leave it as it is if you want a matte finish. Personally, I wouldn’t do that because I strongly dislike dry-looking lips, however – I am inloooove with the colour.

Formula wise, easy to work with, not the creamiest, just right. It is also inspired by Kylie Jenner, I mean, it’s pretty obvious how it gives that look alone!

Rate: 4/5

Brink lippie stix; A beautiful pink-peach colour which is sooo in trend right now. It’s shade is similar to Echo park USL, just more pink. This one’s one of the best sellers!

Formula-wise, this one gives a matte finish yet not very intense. The Lipstick is cream itself, but I suggest you put some lip moisturiser before anything else. They can get quite drying. I recommend this a try! One of my faves!!

Rate: 4/5

I’m just gonna put it out there, Echo park compliments different skin tones! I love it! It’s a peach colour with just a hint of pink under tone. I am inlove with this, it’s the perfect warm peachy nude for me personally!

Rate: 5/5

Dopey is another best seller! It’s a dusty mauve, which happens to be mostly everyone’s favourite. however, for me, it isn’t. I don’t hate it, I just feel like the colour’s too “barbie” for me. I would still wear it, but not on a daily basis. From what I observed as well, since this one has a matte finish, its wand is similar to the UML’s wand.

Rate: 3/5

Frick N Frack is the most bold colour I got compared to the rest I got. This one’s a lighter (and better, I would say) version of Tulle from the UML. The colour is a beautiful rosy terracotta. It’s perfect for the coolers seasons. Plus, after a few hours, it fades to this nice natural colour, which I like. I mean helloooo, naturaleee. Haha.

Rate: 5/5

As for the Ultra satin lips, I got the best selling ones because since I was just about to try out a different formula, I wanted to make sure I could possibly be happy with it (which I am!) and that it suits different skin tones.

Formula-wise; TBH, once I tried the Ultra satin lips, I instantly got so disappointed with their ultra mattes. This one was so easy to work with and definitely not drying. Some satins give a satin finish, some matte. The wands are better too for application. It’s almost creamy in a way, but I still use my fave lip moisturiser; vaseline. I don’t like risking a dry lip at the end of the day.

The downside of Ultra satin lips is that it transfers compared to the UML. Just like other lipsticks, you would see marks on food, straw, and wherever you put your mouth on. But you know what, I don’t mind reapplying my lippie twice a day, I find it joyful and fun!

  • Echo Park - Ultra Satin Lippie

From what you can see above, it also affects the mood and appearance of the make up itself. Nude shades would give this look a more natural and fresh outcome, whilst the bolder lips give it more drama. Either way, they go well together!

Disclaimer: This post wasn’t made to brag about what I got, as a matter of fact, I bought them and wasn’t given to me by the brand. This post is dedicated to those who want to get thoughts and reviews for how the products will look on tan skin. I myself look forward to these type of posts and videos because before buying, you know you want to be happy when you buy something from overseas!

Before I end this, let me just tease you with an exciting video relating to this post! So, watch out. 

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