Hey there wonderful earthlings!
As you all know (or may not know – I’ll tell you anyway), I was blessed to be invited as a certified blogger to this year’s SOLE DXB event! 
The first day of the 3rd season of Sole was held last November 14, 2014 which took place at Dubai Design District
What is Sole Dxb?
SOLE DXB was launched few years back in 2010, it is a platform focusing on urban and alternative culture in the Middle East. It is known for the unified outlet for the latest and relevant news in footwear, fashion & design! Members use Sole as a platform to share ideas and learn about emerging trends, where the passion for fashion bring together a vibrant group of artists, bloggers, trendsetters, boutique owners, and the brands themselves. 


There were also participating well-known brands such as: Level ShoesReebokDC ShoesRay-BanFoot LockerVansG-shock, and a lot more. Besides that, there were also trunks who showcased and sold their designs like WekaforeJBJHouse of NomadArmy of 1, and again – a loooot more!





SOLE DXB really got me out of my comfort zone. I was always fond of and inlove with the street-style concept, but I never dressed as one (to be honest). Although, after Day 1 of the event, my perspective changed a lot. I have grown more inlove with the intuitive idea of it. 
To start of the day, I met Kris Balerite – the Founder of SOLE DXB. 
A very inspiring man who is to be proud of because of the very successful event he managed
After meeting Kris, I was so excited and happy to see one of my closest uncles participating at the event! Benjie Bogal, a Jordan collector & seller was invited to be a vendor.
Kudos to you! Really really proud!
Other than the vendors showcasing and selling their designs and footwear,
there were also DJ’s who really pumped up the mood of the crowd and audience!
Plus, artists who made a live graffiti within a day. Surprisingly, some of them finished their work within hours! Just ah-mazing!
Here are some of the trunk shows that I mentioned earlier!
It was great making friends with these two cray-cray yet inspiring designers!
Also founder of Wekafore. 
Good job guys! Super proud of you both!
How can one miss with art and gallery!
Sole Dxb also had walk-in booths to showcase some of the inspired street-style & urban art.
Other than trunk shows who were showcasing and selling their oh-so-awesome stuff.
There were also walk-in boutiques that consists of different and emerging brands.
Got inked (Temporarily. For now. Hahahaha!)
Slain Saad (Graphic designer, Tattoo artist, and body piercer) –
was invited as a vendor to give more of a street-style mood 
who then inked temporary tattoos!
After hours of going around, my friends and I decided to watch a basketball tournament.
Is it just me or did SOLE DXB really had everything? Full street-style package, don’t you think?!
And then, there’s me. Can’t miss out on sharing my OOTD!
Dress shirt: Splash
Black-rim rounded shades: ALDO
Heels: New Look
Before ending the very productive and awesome-mazing day, 
my friends and I decided to chill at Wekafore and say our last farewell for the night
and once again show our support!
ANNDDD, before I end this blogpost. 
I would like to thank my only escort to the event who was sweet enough to actually remind me of SOLE DXB, Ralph Teodoro. A dear friend who I met years ago in our church community – YFC (Youth For Christ)
Hope you were inspired and enjoyed this blogpost as much as I did!
Stay tuned for the second day, lovelies.
Till then! Thanks ya’ll 

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