Greetings, wonderful earthlings!

Today is the day I embrace being back in the UAE which only means scorching heat, city lights, and well.. REALITY. How else can you fashionably do something without dressing up and sharing a wee bit of the city chic style!

Back on the daily grind in the sand pit is not a bore for me. I am not one who gets tired of living in this country despite spending my entire life here. Yeap, for those who already don’t know – pay a visit on my “about me” section and there you’ll realize I’ve been a middle eastern kid since birth. Being back actually feels sooo good after frolicking for a good one month in the Philippines! Read all about it in my previous posts.

Nonetheless, it’s good to be back home.

I believe a Dubai-city girl is inlove with fashion and luxury. It’s a dream and lifestyle to live and aim for. I myself like diving into this type of lifestyle from time-to-time as well, it’s something I also grew up with. Let’s just say, Dubai’s modern culture? Obviously, not so much of the luxurious aspect because hellooo, I’m still a University student who is mostly financially dependent towards her parents. But you know what, I can dress it up independently and I believe that the luxe-chic style is one of my strongest aesthetic. You can too!

How to style 101

  1. Ditch the basics for once and grab those that state “I’m unique and a bit uncomfortable” because honey, the reality of fashion is “Fashion over comfort” I’m not a big fan of this, TBH. However, for the love of slaying your outfits? You gotta learn to sacrifice once in a while! 
  2. Pair it up with trousers. I’ve been really liking striped bottoms recently, it’s true when they say it makes your legs look longer. I’m a 5″3 in height, so I do really need this. There are some things you gotta twist. LOL. 
  3. Not a big fan of trousers? Do not sweat! Culottes and wide angle bottoms are in again. The 90’s fashion is back on trend, take advantage of it!
  4. Not a big fan of jeans/pants just like me? Try it on with an A-line skirt. You’ll definitely look gorgeous!
  5. Go 3 to 5 inches of sparkly heels and make sure to bring flats with you too! All cause I care for your feet.

Took my quick and easy advice? Make sure to upload it on Instagram and use the hashtag #KADCstyling. Oh, & tag me too!

What I’m wearing:

Top: Splash

Trouser: Forever21

Heels: New Look

Photography: Vic Cubo

Instagram | Website | Lookbook

Edit: KADC

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