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Since I already posted about the Forever 21 Fashion show, I thought of sharing to ya’ll the first grand fashion show event I attended.
The Fashion Forward Dubai Season 2 was held last October 18, 2013 and took place at Madinat Jumeirah conference center. It is one of the most anticipated fashion events that takes place in Dubai.
What happens in the event? 
Fashion designers based in Dubai showcase their latest collection. Followed by the Fashion shows, talks are given by well known people from the fashion industry and they give very helpful tips and inspiring advices on how to become successful in the industry. There’s also “the Garden” where local designers sell their garments, accessories, and a lot more! Other than that, there’s an indoor and outdoor Fashion cafe where you can chill and have snacks when you’re too tired going for the fashion shows/talks. Last but not the least, photobooths everywheereee, you just can’t miss it! Sadly, I couldn’t complete the 3-day event because I got caught up with personal tasks to complete. I honestly did not expect Fashion Forward to be so grand and legit, but I obviously stand corrected. Amazed as I was, I could not miss taking a picture of my OOTD!
Here’s what I wore to the event that will always be marked on my milestone.

Head to toe: Forever21
(I miss my long hair and hair color so much!!)

I introduce to you Pamela De leon, a close friend who I met years ago in Youth For Christ. A dear friend of mine who invited and informed me about the event. If it weren’t for her, I would not be able to attend and know about it in the first place. Big thanks to you!! Moreover, Pamela is a columnist for Entrepreneur Middle East magazine and was part of the press for Fashion Forward Dxb Season 2. 

Finally the fashion show! Click the video to watch Amira Haroon and Endemage ‘s fashion shows!
Amira Haroon’s collection was beyond gorgeous! You can tell that she was inspired by the shades of blue, plus it went very well with the design of the garments. Her collection is ready-to-wear. Check out her weskit for the latest collection.
On the other hand, Endemage’s collection is more on the minimalistic side. The designers focused more on the details than playing with different shades of colors. Very simple yet elegant. Ready-to-wear as well! So check out their website if you’re interested!

(Before being awestrucked and amazed by the designers, I’d just like to apologize because the video’s quite shaky and it might make you dizzy. Haha.)

Want to know which was my favorite fashion show and designer of the day? 
→ Click here  
Check out their latest collections and comment below what you think about the designs! 
Thanks ya’ll! 


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