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It’s been a good weeks off from the fresh productive blogposts, and ya’ll already know why. Garage’s blogger of the year voting period only has 2 days left! If you have visited my posts for the friendly contest along with the rest of my fellow Middle Eastern bloggers, you obviously already know what’s up. Haven’t visited and voted yet? It’s not too late, love. Check out my editorial take; Into the woods and Alter ego over where I showcase my outfit picks for this project. Oh! & how can I forget, I made a fashion film! It was hella fun and creative alright. Don’t miss out and check it out! (Ofcourse, after this post. *teehee)

If I’ve proven myself in some way that I am the blogger of the year for you (which I hopefully am, with God’s will and grace *prayersup!) Vote for me here and click the VOTE button under my name “KIM” in the Favorite International blogger.

*Note: there is no restriction on the amount of votes. Just refresh after every vote under my name so that it counts. If you do not refresh and keep voting, it will only count as 1 vote.

How does this post relate to everything I just said above? Well, Federico Mahora AMG is one of the most reliable brands who got my back, specially on this project. Who always supports and was very generous to sponsor my whole makeup look for the Garage project!

Federico Mahora AMG group is originated from Poland and is franchised world wide! I can say that I am lucky to be able to witness their UAE growth since childhood through the CEO; Alexander Michael and his wife themselves! It is a networking brand, meaning you can buy directly from the sellers located at their main office in Insurance building, Deira. Near Flora Creek hotel, opposite of Centurion Tower.

They started off from high quality fragrance inspired from a wide range of luxury fragrances. No kidding! If you’re thinking it’s an imitation which you can get from Karama or wherever, then you’re mistaken. They specialize on what they do by getting inspired from the fragrances whilst using their own special ingredients to come up with an alike scent in an affordable price to serve you convenience. That’s what I love about them, an affordable luxury. This really comes in handy for people like me who cannot get myself the most luxury channel fragrances and whatnot.

After awhile they introduced the beauty line, because obviously that’s the next step! How can you be completely glammed without some polished make up?

So here’s what I got from the generous and ever supportive brand! I gratefully got the whole package from coverage to touch ups!The base makeup I chose were definitely essentials for an overall look!

Primer: luminous skin has a creamy texture which I quite like, but you already know I’m not the type who wears make up all the time yet I got to witness how long lasting my makeup became when I applied this first.

2nd skin foundation: Sand beige

I think I’ve found my go-to foundation! I can’t say it’s the best because I haven’t explored into different brands but this will always definitely be in my makeup pouch.

light concealer: Medium beige

I love concealers because it hides my flaws (LOL) & gives my skin a luminous effect. It keeps my skin flawless and camouflages my “designer” (eye)bags. Haha. It has a soft brush which I think is very convenient.

Eyebrow pencil: auburn

Eyebrow makeup is my top fave, I have turned into a conscious freak who cannot gallavant without my on-fleek brows. Girls, you probably know how I feel. Ain’t gotta explain myself. (longwear, deep colour, natural look)

Duo eyeshadows volcanic brown

I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows but I do think they’re fun. When I do feel like applying colour on the lids, I always go for the natural look. I got a tan skin tone which always leads me to mattes/satin of browns and nude-y taupes.

liquid eyeliner: carbon black

Liquid eyeliner is another top fave, and all I can say is that FM makeup’s the first brand which I used. (Long lasting, intense colour, and calligraphic effect)

Mineral blush: Coral

I heard mineral blushes/powders were the best, thus when I was selecting, I couldn’t think twice but to get myself these and try some on. What can I say, It is true!Mineral powder: Amber

This one’s a bronzing powder which I settled for contour. There’s such a big fuss about contouring and getting that perfect contoured face, & I plead guilty. I am sometimes one of them.

Lash specialist serum (lash growth stimulation)

FM Makeup is impressively affordable! It’s literally less than hundreds! But this little one is the most expensive out of all I got! (84 AED) Actually, if you think about it, it’s not that costly. Lash specialist serum basically helps your eyelashes grow longer, stronger, and thicker! Which I def need and I think so do you! I mean, if you want the same results. It’s been effective so far, so I highly recommend it!

Phenomenal mascara: intense black

Sometimes, I think mascaras are a boon when it’s time to strip off from makeup, but I can’t hate on it cause it does its job for me too. FM’s phenomenal mascara is definitely phenomenal. Haha! It is ultra precision, panoramic efffect, and gives perfect separation for the eyelash. I like how it has a plastic brush as well, I feel it’s cleaner that way.Matte lippie colour: coral hibiscus

I love matte lippies, and I knew this one was close to perfect. If only they didn’t ran out on nude colours. It is long-wear, deep colour, and creamy. The lippie doesn’t leave your lips looking like you applied crack nail polish (LOL) which I’m so glad for.

Overall, the FM makeup experience is always an honor and undoubtedly a bliss! It’s an 9/10 for me! I highly recommend it to ya’ll ladies to try it out cause it’s worth the experience. I know ya’ll are gonna love it, if not all of you. & for the male out there! Hold on, I won’t tell you to start using it for yourselves, ofcourse not! But if you’re looking for an affordable yet high quality brand to gift to your special someone, your mom(s), or as a gift then you know where to go!

Hope you like this review! Let me know what you think by commenting below! Thank you always for reading through.

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