Last September, while Shannon Thomas, University and a close friend of mine were shopping for design supplies at Deira City Center (Dubai, UAE), we couldn’t resist not visiting Forever 21.. I mean, WHO CAN RESIST NOT GOING TO FOREVER 21? Is it just me or does the shop whisper my name and seduces me to come in whenever I pass by? Hmmm. But anyway, while trying on a couple of must-buy clothes that I found, I was convinced (As always) to buy a black wrap skirt because I needed it anyway! While waiting for the cashier to give me my change, I saw a poster which said that Forever 21 was going to have a Fashion show! Ofcourse, Shannon and I, fashion crazed girls, couldn’t pass the opportunity to miss out on our favorite shop’s fashion show. 
September 17, 2014 came, the day of the fashion show, right after class, Shannon, Bettina Micu (University and a close friend as well, blogger too!) and I went straight to Mirdif City Center where the fashion show was being held. We first had our lunch at P.F. Chang’s (HEAVEN ON EARTH RESTAURANT, BY THE WAY) even if we were broke.. Had to award and satisfy our cravings! 
Here’s us!
Bettina Micu (on the left), Shannon Thomas (middle), and yours truly (right)
I can’t help myself not to share this drink to you guys! I don’t normally drink tea because honestly, I’m to into the taste (unless it’s C2 or iced tea), but when my friends talked me into agreeing with them and chose this drink to go with our food orders, I never thought I’d be in love with one. The drink is called “Mandarin orange spice tea”. Ya’ll should try it!
After the very mouthwatering lunch we had, we decided to go straight to Forever 21. 
To begin with the show, Sara, head of the marketing team of Forever 21, introduced what will be happening throughout the program.
She then introduced Yashasharee Sawant, the senior fashion stylist of Forever 21 – sharaf retail, who gave the enthusiastic audience fashion tips and what type of clothes are in and trendy this season! 
The fashion show finally began! 
Here are the outfits that caught my attention compared to the others.
I liked this outfit because of how casual and comfortable it is, but at the same time, very stylish! 
On the other hand, this outfit is more on the sophisticated side which I really like, the maroon color gave it more of a mature look. I mean, if you compare maroon to a yellow dress. Maroon would symbolize sophistication more. Correct me if I’m wrong. I would totally get this outfit if I had to dress formal for a party!
Here’s another outfit that I really liked! Reason is, the outfit is a playsuit and it’s black and it looks sophisticated and.. I’m running out of excuses to convince you guys that it’s worth buying..
But it is worth buying! Oops, excuse my shopaholic side.
Last but not the least, here’s an outfit that I found really cute (specially the model. Haha), though I wouldn’t wear it. First thought that came into my mind when I saw her walk the runway? A girly officer girl. Yep, pretty much.
After the fashion show, the shop held a competition where in we had to go around the shop and search for the best outfit we can find and wear it on ourselves and we’ll be having our own fashion show! To be honest, this is not really the best I could find, but with the pressure I was put under and the startled feeling, here’s the outcome. Nonetheless, Bettina and I still won in the competition! Woot woot!
Before the day ended, I had the chance to meet someone very stylish, successful, and inspiring like Yashashree! Meeting a senior from your favorite shop is like weeeeew, amazing! 
Lastly, I present to you 1/4 of the freshmen fashion students of Heriot Watt University!
Glad to have watched and enjoyed the competition with these ladies.
Visit Forever21 to view their latest and amazing collection!
Thanks for staying updated ya’ll! & do stay updated for moooore! 

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