What’s up wonderful earthlings!
Hope everything’s going well and ya’ll enjoying your Spring break if it isn’t over yet.
As for me, I surely am enjoying my spring break. It really does feel good to take a break from my workaholic self in university, a good reminder that it is a necessity to just chill back, relax, and have fun out of my academic life.
One of the highlights of my spring break so far? You know it!
I attended the first ever big bubble run in Dubai last April 8 held at the Dubai Autodrome. I was planning to get my tickets online, but again, Garage just keeps reading my mind and hit me up with an email saying they are sponsoring me and my fellow Filipina bloggers to enjoy the 5K whilst geared up in their latest activewear. That’s right, their latest activewear is now out in your nearest shops in the UAE.
It was hyped up in their social media, and obviously, I get overly excited but also don’t keep my expectations too high because who wants to get disappointed? Noone.
The bubbly and foamiest 5k run did not disappoint! I did not expect to swim through and be covered with bubbles at the end of each station. It was craaaazy!
Going back to my lovely dates AKA the best Filipina bloggers in the city,
we took pre-shots before getting covered in bubbles.


Overall, the experience was amazing! I’m so glad I went. Although there’s always room for improvements. Like different coloured bubbles next time at each station and an after party after the fun run would make it perfect!
Nonetheless I rate the overall experience an 8/10
Stay tuned…
For my style post during the Big bubble run thanks to none other than my fave brand; Garage!
Outfits sponsored by Garage
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