Just like what I always say, as long as it’s December.. The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is still here! However, the year is coming to an end and how else does one end it but with a b i g BANG!

Creative and conceptual photoshoots that have stories alongside them is what truly sparks my passion. If only I could do this ALL THE TIME without being burnt out, I would. But ya girl needs her rest too, ya know!

2017 was successful for me!

I hear a lot of negative things about this year, it is sad to witness the harsh reality of what is happening to this world, I’m not going to ignore that fact. However, I’d like to look at the brighter side of situations. This year has been so fulfilling for me, 360 days ago, I told myself that 2017 would be another bountiful and blessed year. Praise the Lord, because He always showers me with answered prayers. This year went by so quickly, it felt like 2017 just couldn’t wait to get over with. Lol.

  • April to November – Gained various job experiences.
  • May – Completed my responsibilities as a student.
  • July – Went back to blogging after a long hiatus and still active to this date!
  • November – I said yes to my bestfriend who is now my boyfriend, after almost 2 years of courtship.
  • November – Graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design.
  • December – Finally began my Youtube journey.

Hope you like this get up and mood! Ending this year with so much motivation, inspiration and productivity. No doubt am I going to arm myself with all these for this coming year.


What I’m wearing:

Jacket: Garage x DIY

Top: H&M

Skirt: Splash

Sneakers: New Balance

Photography: Viccubo

Edit: KADC

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