Happy weekend, wonderful earthlings! (Wow, that’s new. LOL)

Okay, I know, it’s been a long time again. To be very honest with you, me going on and idle on this platform frustrates me, but I’ll have to be patient with myself too (just like you! So please do bare with me) because of other more important priorities like University and YFC service. I know it’s going to be worth it in the long run, anyway.

Although let’s not go off topic, shall we? Reminiscing back to the days when I got to escape the city life for a month, being an island girl – ISLANG BABAE (in Tagalog/Filipino language), rather – was one of the most yet memorable escapades I truly enjoyed. If you haven’t seen my fanatic posts on my Instagram about this place, then you’ll for sure for inlove with it too after reading through the whole article. 

ZAMBALES happens to be one of the destinations during my #KADCexplores #travelseries #itsmorefuninthePhilippines !

It was one heck of a long drive which took around 5 hours to get to the resort. The roadtrip wasn’t a bore though, because we got to pass by places I have never seen before, such as: Pampanga, Subic, & Zambales’ wonders. They were awestrucking, I just kept living the moment! 

Philippines is too beautiful!

We checked in Megan’s Paradisio Beach Resort till evening because something weird happened. Brownout wasn’t in our itinerary, still it found its way to quite ruin the night. No worries though, it wasn’t all that bad! (Lord, I love your gifts of nature, but rainy season is my least fave)

Other than that, it was an amazing place to go surfing. The waves were Aussie-strong! The black sands complimented the whole atmosphere along with the lovely weather which I really wish Dubai has right now. 

The place is breathtaking as you can already see for yourself through the few shots I got to record. I mind you that pictures never really do justice compared to a naked eye witnessing the greatness!

You’re probably wondering, A resort on top of the mountains with a beach in it?! I. Know. Right. I couldn’t believe it either. God’s works are too unbelievable and indescribable most of the time!

In a nutshell, it was one heck of a stay! Had highs and lows throughout the whole escapade, but that’s what makes it an adventure right?! I miss the waves roughly hitting the shore & running away from it because it might just pull me back to the sea! (Haha) Enjoying the beautiful view of the islands across the sea, wishing to go island hopping. For now, all I have are memories hoping to relive soon ~

What I’m wearing:

Shades: ALDO accessories

Cover up: Jennyfer

Bikini: Jennyfer

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