Okay, let me just quickly jump in and say a quick DISCLAIMER… Documenting the Girls Night Out #GNO totally slipped my mind! I really enjoyed my time and lived in the moment as seen on snapchat (kadc29) and Instagram stories (@dailydoseofkadc) (No regrets!). I would just like to clearly state the cringe-worthy and low quality of most of the shots and one out of the few is taken from google (link attached for credits) I will keep this short and memorable.

First of all, I would like to thank I Saw It First for the hook up! I got to party the night away with my fave girls at the Jennifer Lopez Concert, which took place at Autism Rocks Arena last November 17! I thought I would share it on here, even though the pictures are not as promising.. I guess that just goes to show how much fun we had. Living in the moment is also a therapy you guys!

J.Lo has been such an ICON for me and my bestfriend; Julianne. We grew up and jammed to her songs. We were actually singing “Let’s get loud” on Karaoke a couple of weeks back, not knowing that we would hear her sing the song live! Witnessing her perform live was definitely another level! Listening and dancing to her singing “Jenny from the block” “Let’s get loud” “Love don’t cost a thing” “I’m real” and the rest of her hits gave me goosebumps, literally. Don’t get me started with her outfits, oh my, they slayed me. I was screaming and jaw-dropping the whole night.. She basically bedazzled Dubai! 

If you haven’t gone to her concerts, I would highly recommend you do! One day, I’m gonna go back to this post and get flashbacks on how great that evening was. 

Pamela Sapitan, Me, and Julianne Ramos
credits to google (link attached for credits)

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