Let me start with the real question “Do fashion bloggers really dress up ALL THE TIME? Or do they do it only for the pictures” I can’t speak in behalf of everyone, since we all have our opinions and perspectives. All I can share is my own perspective.

I for one looooove the idea of dressing up. It’s a form of ART!

A way for me to express myself, express creativity, and be different. I don’t mind and as a matter of fact, enjoy when the lime light’s on me when I’m wearing a good outfit because it becomes a statement. Being acknowledged with a “where did you get this?” “I like your top” affirms that I really expressed myself differently or stylishly trendy. Other times, people may think “what are you wearing?!” “What are those!?” and that’s okay. Being unusual in the crowd is not a bad thing. I for one don’t like blending in, I love the idea of breaking out of my shell every single day. Dressing up is something I enjoy, it’s not a chore for me. Don’t get me wrong, I have my fair share of lounging in the same culottes/denim/sweats, but note that there’s always something extra or giving an oomf to the outfit. Whether it be make up or accessories..

Going back to the main question. I do NOT dress up all the time (I have a feeling my parents/friends would beg to differ), but I’m also the type who would want to throw something over and walk out the house. If it would be going to the gym, groceries, expect me to be in a tee, mom jeans, and only eyebrows on fleek for make up. I’m pretty sure most bloggers would relate to this as well. But let’s talk about this dolled up look now, shall we?!


A girl next door with a mix of elite typa style. The “I woke up like this” trend when it comes to fashion interests me. The silky and satins almost never fails to give such an expensive finish to it. I’ve been all about this satin laced up top from an online shop from the Philippines; @trippyswag (I know, what a name) They have lots cute trendy pieces on there! So if you’re in the Philippines, make sure to check them out! I paired it with the staple, button down denim skirt from my bae GARAGE.

Now let’s tackle on a more juicy piece, one of the most comfy wedges I’ve worn in my lifeeee! A hundred percent-o! I one for still like Juicy Couture, when I received a black label as a gift and saw these.. I was more than excited! High-quality and classic goodness is what I crave for. The braided detail, woodsy feels, and golden logo comes all together into such a beautiful pair. (Find links at the end of the post)


What I’m wearing:

Bracelet: Pandora

Necklace: Tiffany and Co.

“Bellflower” top: @trippswag / @trippyswagavailable

Skirt: Garage

Heels: Juicy Couture

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