If YOU are reading through this during the start of your weekend, I’d like to THANK YOU for sparing 5 minutes of your time to go through this read. I appreciate you! – Yes, you’ve seen this bell flower top on this space for how many times now. That just shows how as a fashion addict and blogger, one does not have to wear new clothing ALL. THE. TIME. for a new post. As a matter of fact, it’s an opportunity for us to get creative! Pairing this fave off-shoulder top with H&M shorts and a pair of Vince Camuto sandals, it’s a different look! I hope I portrayed my versatile-self well enough by now.

Today’s article is not all about fashion-talk, as per usual. 


Just like how I lowkey and abruptly opened up on my Instagram stories (@dailydoseofkadc) about how my motivation was going through a wavy sail and my creative juice was drying out, collaborating and creating content like this always ignites my passion. A reminder of why I started this platform! A reminder of the capability of imaginative ideas can turn into. Ever since I completed my University days as a Fashion Design student, my creative brain wasn’t non-stop sparking with ideas, it wasn’t being exercised well, unlike when I had overloading projects, all I could think about was how to make something more innovative than it already is! Thank God, because He used brands, people, and reflections to make me recall of what I’m truly passionate about and what I can do out of passion. #IGiveBackAllTheGloryToHim

I clearly have my doubts at times, questions such as “Am I good enough?” “Am I capable enough to reach such ambitious dream” “Am I relevant?” “Are my followers ever going to grow?” – If you are a content creator or an artist in your studies/work, these uncertainty is inevitable. Thankfully, I don’t get stuck for too long in that “zone” most of the time. If you’d ask me, how do I do it? How do I not give up and keep fighting?

♥ Look back at your OLD posts, memories do flashback! (atleast for me)

♥ If you do not like your current state, act on it! DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

♥ Rest if you must, take a breather. Though never give up, if it’s something you really love doing.

♥ Always return the praises to the Lord and lift up to him all your worries and desires at the same time.

♥ Read through your messages from followers who tell you that you’ve become an inspiration and a role model to them.

♥ Comparing yourself is easy to do. KEEP THIS IN MIND: Focus on yourself to become the best version of yourself, rather than focusing on others’ work.

♥ If you are truly passionate about something, remember why you started. (and the beginning when you were such a noob, but didn’t care, because all you wanted to do was to share your passion)

Before I end this post, which highlights staying inspired and motivated.. It is key to always do research and find inspiration. By now, if the concept of this photoshoot rings a bell to you. We took inspiration from the famous and viral Brandon Woelfel, a photographer whose got insane skills! 

This concept would’ve not been made possible without the amazing and skilled Gem (waffle) Macalma – @keep_macalma! A friend and photographer who is starting out his portfolio. I am astounded by his passion and vision when it comes to directing and producing fan-girl worthy pictures. I was literally squealing when he sent me the first edit! Stay tuned because we got more exciting projects coming your way!! Follow him on Instagram for more.

What I’m wearing

Shades: Sunnies studios

Off shoulder: @trippyswag

Shorts: H&M

Sandals: Vince Camuto

Photography and Edit: Gem Macalma

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