Greetings, wonderful earthlings!

That’s right! I’m back from travelling and definitely back on the #bloggrind. I’ve planned to rest for atleast a week since I got back, although my fingers are itching to jump on the keyboard from one letter to the other, thus – here I am.

I’ve been saving this post for something special, and a comeback is an enough reason for me to drop the bombshell. In this post, I introduce to you my bestfriend *girlfriend, sister from another mother* since birth ( technically, 4 years old). Meet, Julianne Ramos. The good ol’ days of having crazy hair, baby teeth, daily shenanigans (even playing hide & seek) around the building, & having sleepovers when our houses are literally beside each other. I could go on reminiscing about our childhood of saying goodbye when we know we’re going to play again tomorrow! It’s just so cute and funny. But I’m sorry to burst your bubble, I won’t. This post just might turn into a book of its own if I push through. LOL. 

Let’s live in the present for now cause I can’t be anymore happier than treasuring the 15 years of friendship which just gets stronger and crazier. Let this little comeback be an appreciation to the lady who’s been there for me since day 1, for being a supporter (she claims to be my fan when I’m actually more of a fan towards her) and a sister. I’m so proud of the person she is today, so young, so creative, and successful in her own way. How can I not mention that she’s got her own Youtube channel? (continue reading to find her channel & social media handles)

She’s recently published a makeup tutorial & I can’t contain my happiness for her. This is the beginning of your beauty vlogger/youtuber girl, don’t you stop!! 

Moving on..

Julianne is undoubtedly a fashionista herself too! She definitely got skills slaying her makeup looks & OOTDS. Here’s one, a very chic to compliment her Kate Spade sling bag I gifted to her for her 18th birthday last year. The clingy and finicky friend I am lead me to getting us the same bags in different colours. I thought it was a cute idea for twinning purposes. Hahaha! & ofcourse, I knew she would love it too. 

To style hers, she went with the trending monochromatic duo. I think it’s the perfect look for an uptown Dubai girl, summer and winter friendly! 

Necklaces: Forever21 & Lovisa

Top: New Look

Skirt: Forever21

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Okay, we did not plan our outfits to match.. THIS TWINNING THING ALWAYS HAPPENS TO US.

As for my look, I wanted to go for a laid back yet chic look. The bag is super easy to style, I almost use it everyday & I feel like I’ve abused it already. I can use it for a day with friends, running errands, to a night out for a dinner or wherever! It’s a 9AM to 9PM bag for sure. Does it look spacious from the outside? Cause it sure is spacious when you zip it open. I mean, atleast my wallet, keys, earphones, powerbank, phone, and emergency kit can fit in it. How impressive is that?

Shades: ALDO

Watch: Casio

Dress: Splash


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Photography: Gied Sarmiento

Edit: KADC

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