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If you follow me on twitter and snapchat, I have been anticipating, excitedly (and a bit impatiently waiting) for my Colourpop ultra matte lippies to arrive! If you have been following me for how many months now (specially on social media) or if you really know me personally, you would know how much of not a fan I am when it comes to make-up and online shopping. For those who don’t, well I guess, yeah, probably might be a shocker. Beneath the eyeshadow, there’s always the kid in me who wants to rub her eyes off till her eye’s content. Most days, you would only see me with make-up on my eyebrows, and when I’m feeling a bit more prepped up, I put on winged eyeliner and/or mascara. Yeah, that’s pretty much my everyday make-up routine. No foundation, no primer, and no concealer. Makes sense why I don’t post up a tutorial now, aye?
Colourpop is a well known brand cosmetics aligned with NYX, Maybelline, L’oreal, and Maxfactor. It is originally from the US. It may not be well known here by a lot of people because it is not retailed in the UAE. Hoping one day they do, because I’m pretty sure a lot of make-up gurus based in Dubai/UAE would go gaga over this brand.
Speaking of make-up and online shopping, if you are like me who is very picky with what she applies on her face (because not to brag, but I only and mostly use Dior because again, I get them for free because of connections) I would make sure I get what works with my skin and ofcourse something that wouldn’t damage it, regardless how much it would cost. I have been eyeballing colourpop ever since through fave youtubers and bloggers. However, it has recently drawn me to be interested through my friend also a blogger, shoutout to Marj! (bohowanders.com). I’ve heard positive reviews from her and I had to really make sure they’re worth online shopping because I do not also like online shopping and waiting and possible complex things through the process.. So I’d rather spare myself if not worthy. My curiosity, excitement towards the brand, and anticipation on perf matte lippies – lead me to take the risk! What I LOVE about the brand is that, it is a budget friendly brand. A really good alternative from all the luxurious brands. 
*Note: Unfortunately, Colourpop is NOT retailed in the UAE and Colourpop.com does NOT ship in the UAE. Want to know how I get my hands on these babies? 
Then what are you waiting for? Continue reading through!
I got myself the ultra mattes in Solow and Clueless. Whilst my bestfriend tried on Tulle. Got only a couple for my first time, because I do not want to get a lot and then possibly be disappointed. As much as I love shopping, I have learned to become a wise-shopper and not an impulsive buyer. (Finally, right? Lol.)
Solow is a pinkish bright nude shade which I like, it quite stands out from my skin tone yet still gives a natural look which I have been looking for!
Rate: 5/5
Clueless is a shade darker than Solow which most likely blends with my natural lip colour and compliments my skin tone but still gives that hint of pink. 
Rate: 5/5
Tulle is definitely something I would put on when I am feeling more dressy and bold. This shade makes me look older than I actually am, a colour I would not normally wear most of the time on my lips. However, it is the perfect shade to wear when I am going for a formal/festive look. Nonetheless, I like it!
Rate: 4/5
Overall, the verdict is that, I love the products and I already have a new to-buy list from the brand. I just can’t wait to get the hang of these new babies and will surely order some again for myself. 
Send me an email or hit me up through my social media personally if you want to know how I got them! 
Colourpop is – like I said earlier – budget friendly, so I think this really is helpful for those in Universities and who are not willing or do not invest on very pricey cosmetics.
Disclaimer: I paid for my purchases, it is not a collaboration between my blog and the brand. However, I am hoping someday I do collaborate with a brand that offers so much yet with a friendly budget.
I am also no make up expertise, I am only sharing what I like and what works for me.

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