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So here’s another beauty update and review on this space. LUSH is love by many, I know that, and hopefully you know that. But let me just refresh your memory towards such a thoughtful brand. This one’s another fave that serves such a meaningful purpose to this world. 

LUSH is well known for it’s natural products. They are made lovingly and well thought. How can I testify to that? Well, LUSH is for a fact a brand that fights for anti-animal testing. They take an extra step of not caring only for their customer’s skin and best results but also what the Bigger guys has blessed this planet; animals. I myself am an animal lover, even when I know that cosmetics are being tested on them before released in store – I sometimes take it for granted (which I’m not proud of), but I’m glad there’s a brand like LUSH who taps my back and sarcastically say “hey, care a little?”

If you go to my beauty category on my blog, you would realize this is the 3rd review! And it’s amazing how the products I get to try out are building up. I am a LUSH lover; it’s just something about them that secures myself when it comes to results and reliability.

During my visit at LUSH Dubai mall, I honestly had such a lovely time. I think I started daydreaming in the midst of my shop tour how LUSH would magically turn into my bathroom. The scents and knowing the brand deeper was quite overwhelming if I must say.

Got a few products to try on and experiment with at home!

Modfather bubble bar is a father’s day special, which is part of a limited edition. I got lucky to be able to try it. Love the result! It had a fruity citrus smell, which made my bath so fresh afterwards. It filled by tub with bubbles and sea of blue water! I felt like a freaking mermaid you guys. LOL. (I wanted to give it to my dad, but he doesn’t do bubble baths.)

Ocean salt self-preserved; A scrub that definitely exfoliates with its sea salt scrub. This was another fave since I love getting rid of dead skin when I bath. A bit pricey for my own budget, but I can’t regret splurging on worthy products like this!

Layer cake soap; one of the sweet scented soaps I got to sniff in the shop. Made with the colours of the rainbow and each colour consists of a flavour. Raspberry, blueberry, grape, and pineapple, which is my fave? All of the above! On the more honest note, this one’s my least fave product I tried. I like soaps that gives bubbles and foam, but this one just didn’t seem too. I love the scent though!

EAU roma water (toner water); okay, this is probably the 100th time I’m saying this is my new fave and you won’t believe me. But oh my goodness, you must! Try it yourself! I keep this refresher with me 24/7, especially when I go out. There’s just something about the rose and lavender water. This one can be used to remove excess dirt on your face at the end of the day, but that’s not it! I love how even when you have makeup on, you can freshen up with a couple of spritz, leave it to dry & voila! You’re good to go. 

I myself am a toner lover, it’s an essential part of my skincare regime. I do not feel my face clean enough if I do not apply some before moisturizing. However, I am also picky. Picky because I like taking care of my skin. I’m not makeup guru, but my mom is (LOL) and I am definitely learning in such a late teen age Haha. Here’s a tip that I learned; before applying toner onto your face, make sure it’s alcohol-free on the ingredients section. This ingredient leads to dryness and darkness of skin.

Vanishing cream; oookay, here’s another one.. Another fave! Someone please (don’t) stop me. This cream is amazing and hella effective. I love the name because it just gives justice! Got a zit? or a pimple that’s just about to become a pimple? Apply it along with your skincare regimen and then it’s gone after a couple of days. I mean, it worked for me, and I cannot be more amazed-balls than this.

Mint Julips; I tried this in the store the first time I came and I knew I had to get this. Lip scrubs are pretty important since the weather in the UAE is hella dehydrating and so does your lips dries up. It’s a good way of getting rid of dead/dry skin and keeping your lips soft and kissable! For the ladies out there, I suggest you get yourselves one too, matte lippies are the bomb right now, but unfortunately they can be drying too. So scrub this on before you apply those ultra mattes.

Try their 3 different flavours: Mint Julips (my fave), bubblegum, and popcorn

Overall, these products are basically my new skincare faves. I am truly tempted to splurge even if I got enough with me. Hope this review was helpful and make sure to check them out in Dubai mall and your nearest stores.

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