Greetings, wonderful earthlings!
The wait is over! As you noticed, few weeks back, I posted a teaser on my instagram account about this collaboration. 
Meet my darlings, Ghada Morjan (on the left) and Shannon Thomas (on the right).
Ghada Morjan is one of my dearest girl-friends who I met in University early this year. 
If I may say, she’s one of the loving, charming, and not to mention – FASHIONABLE, gf’s I have. She’s taking up on Fashion marketing and retailing. Want to follow her? Scroll down to find her links!
On the other hand, I’m pretty sure ya’ll are familiar with who Shannon Thomas is, by now. One of the closest gf’s I have who I met at University last year. Glad to have such a supportive, sweet, crazy, funny (Hmm.. Haha! Jokes, love!), trust-worthy friend!  She’s taking up Fashion marketing and retailing, as well! Want to know more about her? You know what to do! (scroll, scroll, scroll!)


Without any doubt, you can tell how we have different sense of taste towards styling of outfits. Ghada is always dressed with either pastels, symbolizing her soft character or black and white to show that she loves grunge fashion. Whilst Shannon always and forever will have a thing towards the care-free, chill, beach-y, summer loving’ outfits. Even if it’s already the peak of winter! And ofcourse, there’s me. who is fond of sophisticated fashion ever since.

Shannon Thomas

Like I said earlier, she’s inlove with all types of summer look. Though she’s not really in favor of any specific styling.
Dress Tee: H&M | Divided
Knee-high socks: Forever21
Heeled laced boots: Carolina Boix

Follow her on instagram: shannon.thomas

Ghada Morjan

Ghada is dressed with the colors of soft pastels, giving her a very girlie look. Which actually would make you think of a human barbie! 
Polo top: Forever21
Floral sleeveless top: Forever21
Jeggings: Pull & bear
Sneaks: H&M
Lookbook: Gmorjan
Instagram: gmorjan

Yours truly

As for me, I went for a more patterned-sophisticated outfit. The laced top and crazy pants are my favorite! I can guarantee you that you’ll see either of these apparel in the future blogposts. Teehee
White laced top: GTW Fab Philippines
Crazy pants: Splash
Sandals: Tory Burch
Necklace: Forever21
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Did you expect the unexpected? 
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Thanks ya’ll 
 © Bettina Micu

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