Not only is the year going by quickly, but yet again, it’s the Holy Month for our Muslim friends. Ramadan Kareem to all my dearest!! I am always in awe of the discipline and sacrifice during this month, plus how everyone is extra courageous. Iftar is what everyone looks forward to, even for us non-muslims. It’s basically a celebration everyday!

I was privileged to be able to experience a Moroccan cuisine for Iftar dinner at Novotel Hotel Al Barsha, Dubai. Location was pretty simple by Sheikh Zayed Road, which btw, was our view whilst devouring our exquisite dinner. 

My personal faves were the Labneh and Shrimp Samosas, two different flavours but made so perfectly. Ofcourse, the vegetarian in me had to be satisfied. Thus, the Vegetable Tagine did the job! Went for 2 rounds and boy I felt stuffed and complete! Lastly, the vegetable soup was really nice too! Quite tasted like lentil, but that’s just how I like my soup!

The mouthwatering food portfolio was prepared non other than Chef Habiba, a Morocco-based chef who has attention to her detailed recipe! Needless to say she is a humble one.

me, Chef Habiba, and Julianne Ramos


If you’ve already watched my Vlog (scroll down to watch), I rated it a 9/10. The flavours really did satisfy me, however, I shall knit-pick here. The only thing I could say for improvement is.. I quite enjoyed the basic go-to foods like soup and samosa’s rather than the main course (still very delish, tho!). If they had more selection, it would’ve been perfect. 125 aed was worth it!

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to comment them down below.

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