Today’s review is on a restaurant in 4 star, Jumeira Rotana hotel, located in the town of Satwa, Dubai. Let me just get the hotel location out of the way, it is something I did not expect. I was surprised that Jumeira Rotana, wasn’t in Jumeirah. Like I said, it is located inside Satwa. This one’s not the easiest to find, specially since it’s behind a building facing the main road. Moving forward…

I introduce to you, OLIVE OIL RESTAURANT.

Now let’s get on with the restaurant review. My personal taste in hotel restaurants would initially be international cuisine, Italian, Chinese, but rarely Filipino. Olive Oil Restaurant’s theme is Manila, obviously resulting to Filipino cuisine! I. Love. Filipino. Food! I have faves, which are located at the Centurion tower, Deira. Tandang Sora and Dampa are a couple of the holy grails. Since I don’t have a favorite Filipino cuisine in a hotel restaurant, then why not hope for the best?

Olive Oil restaurant is located on your left once you enter the lobby of the hotel. The place is fairly spacious with an average variety of food. They went traditional! From chicken skin, vegetable lumpia, kwek-kwek (which is a boiled egg covered with flour, this is how I would describe it personally. It’s not my cup of tea, TBH. I’ve only tried it once), pancit bihon, kare-kare, chopseuy, and a few more. Just like any buffets, they have a couple of choices for appetizers, main course, desserts, and drinks.

Let’s just narrow down by rating shall we? 

*Disclaimer: I always keep it real with my readers regardless if it is sponsored or not. I wouldn’t never mislead anyone with any of my reviews. I am choosy when it comes to hotels and restaurants. If I love it, I love it. If I don’t, then I wouldn’t recommend it.

Location: 2/5. I was thrown off the hotel name and it not being at Jumeirah, where it should be? It wasn’t super easy to find. I drove, and I don’t think it would be easier for commuters or those who would check-in there.

Food: 2/5. I did not have expectations, but given that it’s a hotel restaurant, I thought it would be amazing just like the other Filipino restaurants I go to. Some selections were dry, not savoury enough, and the selection was pretty basic. Less selection than anticipated.

Service: 3/5. The service was fairly good, we were welcomed and served properly.

Ambiance: 2/5. The set up was okay, Filipino music was playing in the background which was cute. That really gave it a very Manila vibe! 

Overall, the experience was alright. Nothing that blew me away, honestly speaking. If you live around the area and want to dine in a hotel with an affordable buffet restaurant and feel like you’re in Manila, be my guest! Review it for yourself, because why not? Hope this review was helpful for a lot of you! I am super grateful that Olive Oil sponsored this post, however, as promised, my personal opinion weren’t shaken.

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