As someone who is deeply inquisitive when it comes to the fashion world, I am on a non-stop cycle of trying out new looks for myself to the point that I would create one probably never seen or usually worn of most. Atleast that’s the type of feedback I would get from my audience. It’s my way of expressing myself, my thoughts and emotions in a creative way. Even when a few (including my parents) wouldn’t understand what “look” I’m going for, as long as it makes me feel good and confident, then nothing can act as a barrier. 

Today, I’m sporting an elite-street style look! Giving it a Barbie vibe with the whole pink-toned head to toe, whilst rebelling with a mixture of ripped denim and fishnets (super affordable and hasn’t let me down!). And how can I forget?! To add a bit of attitude, my style staple accessory, an eyewear bigger than your face *shrugs

My favourite summer pieces were definitely the big cat eye sunglasses I got from Forever21, which I have been on a hunt for the perfect rose gold sunglasses – and the PINK bodysuit from Pink by Victoria Secret, which turned out to be very flattering on the body, plus, easy to match with any bottoms I’d put on!

What I’m wearing

Shades: Forever21

Ripped denim jacket: Garage x DIY

Bodysuit: PINK by VS

Shorts: Copper 

Fishnets: Shein

Shoes: H&M

Photographer: Edrey Paul

Edit: KADC

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