Hey there wonderful earthlings! Oh my gouch… This is officially the first post of 2018!! (Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate that cover picture right above. I am i n l o v e, my editorial dreaaaaams are alive! Haha) Disclaimer: I’m not bragging whatsover, just really satisfied with the outcome!

HAPPY 2018, everyone!

I’m certain that, I wasn’t the only one who felt like 2017 went by with a blink of an eye. But! Reflecting now, I realized that so much happened as well. A fresh year always means resolutions. In the past, I would create a very ambitious list without the intentions of sticking to them. This 2018, I learned to appreciate the art of achieving simple but a healthy lifestyle and also commit to them. Here are some of my “Reroute 2018”;

  • Sleep before the AM, wake up before the PM! – Ever since University, I got used to the idea of sleeping really late and waking up in the afternoon because of completing subjects and such. AND, when I had the freedom from University’s shackles, I would always be out till before midnight and that would lead me to cooling down at home and sleeping late at night. SOLUTION: Set a curfew for myself and be in bed by 11pm. (baby steps)
  • Be a Pescetarian – I gained a lot of weight the past year, I lost control of my diet and having my appetite craving for lots of junk did not do me good. I decided to attempt being a pescetarian, because I for one loooooove seafood and vegetables, I would prefer having them everyday, rather than chicken or beef. Meat such as chicken and beef (I don’t eat pork, and no I’m not muslim) are great, but they never made me feel good after a meal. It’s only been days since the pescetarian journey, but to be frank with you, I haven’t experienced craving or being tempted for a Mcchicken burger from McD’s/Mushroom and Swiss from Hardees. I also feel lighter after every meal, plus! My skin feels waaaay better and I’m contributing to the anti-animal cruelty. (Wow, this is a long explanation, if you want a separate article on how it is being a pescetarian. Comment down below!)

  • Less use of social media, live in the moment more. – As an aspiring influencer, I always feel the need to update my viewers on what’s going on at the moment. I realized that, sometimes, the time I spend on my phone takes away much more precious time with the people around me. 
  • GO BACK to my past meal routine. – I realized that my appetite got very unhealthily influenced by the people around me, to the point that I would eat whatever and whenever I want to. This resulted to me being bloated and basically just filled with junk. My past meal routine was way healthier in the sense that; I would eat like a queen for lunch and like a beggar at night. Balance is key!

If you didn’t like something from 2017, the new year is an opportunity for you. Grab it! Only you can change and reroute.

Now let’s talk fashion –

I’ve greeted this year with my feet in the heavens because I wasn’t in heels. I underestimated a pair of Stan Smith by Adidas, but boy are they super comfy and relaxing for the soles to wear. The AE is always late on the concept of winter, but it’s finally cold and I can rock my chunky knits of different weights from Ria Maria! – Atleast for a month, I mean, that’s all we get. LOL. With that being said, I could still get away with with my kiwi-textured GAP skirt, because honestly? It doesn’t get colder than 15 degrees.

What I’m wearing – similar finds! 

Knit pullover: Ria Maria

Skirt: GAP (sold out! But I found a similar one from Ria Maria)

Sneaks: Stan Smith by Adidas (limited edition)

Photographer: Gem Macalma

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