“Uptown girl 
She’s been living in her uptown world 
I bet she never had a back street guy 
I bet her mama never told her why”
After seeing the outcome of these pictures, Uptown girl by Westlife instantly played in my head. My all time fave boy band since I was like… 5?! The only boy band that will always have my heart. (besides backstreet boys and the script, ofcourse! Haha)
Another pick from Garage which is another outfit related to my announcement soon!
My two picks in this look are their floppy fedora hat and swing dress. 
I definitely cannot get more girly-er than this. GRG is known for being laid back but obviously I’m not portraying that look. No surprise there tho, you guys are already probably thinking “when did you ever go for a “laid back-laid back” look, Kimberly?” Lol. NO RAGRETS THERE!
 “I don’t care, I love it!” – Icona pop
Okay, please excuse me and my song references.

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Hope you like it! Stay tuned!!


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I have the same dress! <3

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