Hey there wonderful earthlings,
I was invited to Sisley’s launch of their latest collection which was part of the lip range, the Phyto-lip twist. The event was held at The Lounge, Fashion avenue of the Dubai mall hosted by Paris Gallery last February 17, 2016. 
It was an honor to be one of the many beauty enthusiasts and bloggers who were there to witness the latest lippies of such a luxurious cosmetics brand. 
Here are some of the faves tones: Sugar, litchi, love, nut, poppy, and melon. 
There was a tutorial throughout the event by the official make up artist of Paris Gallery who gave tips and advices on how to have the perfect and on fleek look! What was really interesting is that, he took a model from the audience to experience the real glamour feeling by Sisley.
There was a wall of kisses where you could try out the Phyto-lip twists, kiss and leave a mark on the sticky note, place it on the photobooth, and take a picture, how cute is that?
The overall collection and event was nice. The lippies did not interest me as much, to be honest because as you all know; first, I am not the biggest fan of make up – second, the lippies were all shimmery, I prefer matte or a toned down lipstick or actually just a lip balm haha.
Awesome experience though!

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