May I just start by asking, are you a foodie? Because I am. This may sound like I’m stuck in my University phase, but truthfully, I just want to share to ya’ll something relevant to this post. Lack of sleep, not always eating at the right time, and eating so much causes my metabolism to malfunction. SIZE UP, what a title right!? I gained, A L O T of weight. Believe it or not. Although, I am also trying to get back in shape, but that’s not a very easy process either. 

I may not look like I gained a ton, because of the clothes I choose to wear and thankfully, I know my angles when it comes to taking photographs. This dress is actually a size 12 from H&M, I am inlove with how comfortable and effortlessly stylish it is!! Whenever I throw this on, I always get compliments (praise God!). If I purchased a size 10 (my normal size), it would end up as a bodycon on me. I thought, this look delivers a more laid back/minimal look I can easily style in various ways. So ladies, just because your normal size of a clothing you love doesn’t look so well on you, size up or down! Or even try shopping from the men’s section. 

Play around, honey. That’s the beauty of fashion.

Although the dress is very loose and the opposite of form-fitting, the way I styled with fishnets and chic flats gave it such an edgy-fierce outcome. I would definitely have a more sleek ponytail to be extra with this look, but if you’re a girl on-the-go like me, this works out just as amazing!

On the other days, when I’m lazy to dress up but wanna look like I tried, I just hop in and pair it with either my birkenstocks or furry slip-on’s. Voila!

What I’m wearing

Dress: H&M

Fishnets: SheIn

Sandals: Call it Spring

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