What’s up wonderful earthlings! Let me cut it to the chase and say… I for one love having pearly whites and a flashing smile. Who doesn’t?! However, going to the dentist once a month just to get your teeth cleaned and whitened is going to break the bank and leave you bankrupt because it is very costly here in the AE. Gratefully, there are advanced ways yet eco-friendly regimen, which serves the same outcome. I’m honoured to be able to try and review for you guys the Spotlight Whitening founded by Dr Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, sisters based in Ireland! Is it really effective? Is it eco-friendly? Is it worth it? Read and find out now!

Now let me walk you through the products!

What I received in the bag!

  1. Total oral care system: A leaflet which lays out all the information, do’s and don’ts I need to know.
  2. Teeth white paste: To use on a daily basis in order to maintain the clean teeth.
  3. A Box which includes the whitening strips (14 pairs), tooth desensitizing gel, and comforting gum oil.
  4. Selfie ring light, because duh! How else will you show off your new pearly whites! LOL.

The steps:

  1. Brush teeth using the toothpaste provided.
  2. Put on the whitening strips for 1 hr.
  3. Brush teeth using the toothpaste provided, again.
  4. Apply comforting oil on gums.
  5. (optional) Apply densensitizing gel on teeth if teeth feels sensitive.

I personally did this for a week and saw quick results within two days! However, as the days pass, whitening results were strangely becoming slow. My thought on this whole experience has its pro’s and con’s. 

What I like about it?

  1. I can talk, whilst the strips are applied for an hour.
  2. Easy disposable strips.
  3. Teeth white paste is great! It keeps my teeth maintained.

The Downhill!

  1. Not very eco-friendly, since it’s not reusable.
  2. Must buy new strips once you’ve ran out to maintain.
  3. Slow results in the long run.

My overall experience is a 3.5 out 5

Only because it gave slower results and there’s a lot of procedures. Not really for the girl on the go. Would I recommend it? Yes! Try it out if you want pearly whites and maintain them. Be patient, though. You can easily buy these at your local Supercare Pharmacy stores in Dubai. Hope this article was helpful enough for you guys! Thank you for reading through.

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