Just like what I always say, as long as it’s December.. The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is still here! However, the year is coming to an end and how else does one end it but with a b i g BANG! Creative and conceptual photoshoots that have stories alongside them is what truly sparks my passion. If … Continue Reading


What’s up wonderful earthlings! You know how on a daily basis, a person would just jump in a pair of their fave jeans, tee, and sneaks? Well, in my case, that really never happens. I always tend to pull something newly washed from my closet, which also explains the pile of my worn clothes during … Continue Reading


Let me start with the real question “Do fashion bloggers really dress up ALL THE TIME? Or do they do it only for the pictures” I can’t speak in behalf of everyone, since we all have our opinions and perspectives. All I can share is my own perspective. I for one looooove the idea of … Continue Reading

INTO THE WOODS #iweargarage

Greetings wonderful earthlings! Some of you were probably wondering where the hey am I with all that is going on with Garage’s blogger of the year contest?! I’ve been mute about it for awhile, staying “MIA (missing in action) whilst most of the bloggers were already slaying their OOTD’s and blogposts! You should know by … Continue Reading