Just like what I always say, as long as it’s December.. The CHRISTMAS SPIRIT is still here! However, the year is coming to an end and how else does one end it but with a b i g BANG! Creative and conceptual photoshoots that have stories alongside them is what truly sparks my passion. If … Continue Reading


Happy weekend, wonderful earthlings! As I am currently at the Dubai Design Week 2017 at Design District at this very moment, where creative minds come together, converse and share ideas.. I thought it was just fitting to finally share to you a quite over due review in partnership with Zaful. Zaful is an online-shop offering … Continue Reading


May I just start by asking, are you a foodie? Because I am. This may sound like I’m stuck in my University phase, but truthfully, I just want to share to ya’ll something relevant to this post. Lack of sleep, not always eating at the right time, and eating so much causes my metabolism to … Continue Reading

ALTER EGO OVER #iweargarage

Greetings! Did the first blogpost; “Into the woods” felt like a cliff hanger? I hope it occurred to you by now that it was an intention. Ha! Ready for the Finale post? Buckle up your seat belts & allow me to take a little bit of your time, because this will get as detailed as … Continue Reading