Hey there wonderful earthlings!

First of all, I would like to thank you for such nice words and even the comfort. Even if I thought I didn’t need any, I mean, I wasn’t leaving or anything. I just wanted to voice out my reason as to why I might go on and off, because doing so without an explanation would bug me. The idea of leaving someone hanging just disturbs me, a lot. Nonetheless, I appreciate the motivation and empowerment, you guys just added up to my strength more than ever! 

Did you miss the cheery me? Well, don’t you worry. I’m back with another style post which I’ve been meaning to share for quite some time now. After getting back to UNI yet still adjusting with the workload I already have in this 4th week, I luckily got time to squeeze in a staple post. Das right, this combo right here are my beloved wardrobe staples. As you all know, I’ve been living in these culottes since my travel in the Philippines! (Oh my, nostalgia just hit me)

If you’re all about style and comfort, then having a pair or two of culottes is a must in your wardrobe. I love it for it’s versatility and easy peasy mix matchy! You can pair it with an off-shoulder just like I did, for a more chic-sexy look. Maybe a crop top to compliment your figure, or a basic tee to go minimal! It goes well with different picks of shoes too, so really.. You can’t wrong with this one. 

I personally never bought any of my culottes in the UAE.. I’ve been loving online shopping from the Philippines, specifically. It’s unbelievably affordable yet serves good quality. (Ofcourse, you need to have a good eye when it comes to the textiles koala-tea) So proud of mi country!

As for the off-shoulder, it’s also a steal from an online shop in the Philippines. It is called, bell flower, how cute?! Flowy, yet not the easiest to move in, just like any off-shoulders because it ends up going above your shoulders. LOL. But, that’s alright. Be aware of your actions, this top keeps you lady-like!

Will be listing down below some of the top fave shops.

To accessorize…

Bling it up with my favorite necklace I’ve been wearing everywhere everyday! A lovely I got from MOA.AE PARIS which btw is one of the best accessories stores to go to!

The watch which I’ve been obsessing over is one heck of an innovative watch called QLOCKTWO from Germany designed by Biegurt and Funk. This baby is from the luxury side, but definitely worth every penny when you get yourself one! #timeinwords

Statement sneaker wedges from ALDO shoes to cover my feet from the heat in sleek style! Come on, you can’t disagree with me.. It adds up the the chic-ness. 😛 

In a nutshell, I hope that you like this short tips & tricks up your sleeves. I’m pretty sure it may come in handy for you lady fashionistas. Got anything else you want to see in this space? Please comment them down below!


 Top: @trippyswag (PH online shop)

Bottom: Fashion Avenue in Market! Market! PH

Necklace: MOA.AE


Shoes: ALDO


Photography: Gied Sarmiento

Edit: KADC

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