Greetings, my wonderful earthlings!

Guess I’m blogging with a new photo op sharing my recent obsession over everything rose gold! (Or atleast its shades ’cause not everything’s rose gold, huhu.) But you know what, let’s add a little bit of meaning, hence; the title.

From my realizations the past few months, it sunk into me how whatever’s in the heart will always come out. Whether it be good or bad intentions/thoughts, whether it be your passion over something, or even as a person.  No matter how much you try to hide something, it will always find its way to be portrayed or revealed. But let’s inject some fashion statement to that realization, I mean where’s the fun in that if I don’t?! 

Lately, I’ve been so inspired by street style – the urban culture. The edge it gives! However, if you know me, I’m very feminine. So let’s call it “Edgy pretty” which by the way is a legit name for a subtrend this coming 2017/2018. This is your fashion design student spilling the beans for some of ya’ll. 

I have also been obsessing over everything rose gold, as if it’s not all over my social media already! LOL. My profound love for the shade started before iPhone 6s was released. & yes, I made sure to pre-order the phone and got my hands on it the day/night it launched in Dubai. I know, I got overly excited you guys! & I’m proud to say that I bought my first iPhone with my own hard work and money!


I’ve been looking for the perfect rose gold bomber jacket for awhile before I got this babe right here. May I just say that this was the first bomber I found here in the UAE which I thought was beautiful. I saw a couple from other brands but it just didn’t speak to much as this one did. Even earlier, I scrolled and hunted online stumbling upon beautiful bombers, but they don’t ship worldwide. (Sigh, Philippines) I knew it was the perfect one, I even checked the colour by putting my phone beside the jacket to make sure it gives that rose gold shade! LOL. Thank you, Stradivarius! #obsessed

Oh, ofcourse, I can’t keep my pink Adidas originals cap aside! Oh my gosh, I am inlove. Unfortunately, they don’t sell this everywhere. Thank goodness for relatives who travel and are very much supportive of my obsession and collections. Haha! 

Just like todays’ post, as you may (or may not) have realized, I showed less of my face in this photoshoot. Not because I didn’t want to, but rather to give the message of the content. No matter how hard you try to be someone or something else, one’s true colours will always find its way to come out of its cage.

Let’s use my love for blogging and fashion as an example. No matter how busy and jam packed my life gets, it still nudges me to update you guys not for the sake of it, but to truly express my dedication towards what I’m passionate about.

I guess that speaks for my personality as well. You should know by now that I’m into spiritual. Believing I have a father in Heaven who is the Lord, Jesus Christ. I’m glad and proud to say that I always aim to become a woman of God. I cannot claim I am a saint nor sinless. Impurity and imperfections is what leads me closer to the Lord, to ask forgiveness and to give the Glory back to His name in my little ways and actions. I guess that’s what also comes out of me, to be an oasis in this desert. To cross oceans for those who won’t take an extra step for me in return. Do you feel me? If you do, here’s a saying I always love keeping in mind “It was never between you and them, but between you and God”

Happy weekend, everyone! ❤

What I’m wearing:

Watch: G-shock

Baseball cap: Adidas

Bomber jacket: Stradivarius

Bodycon dress: Cotton On

Nike Roshe: Nike

Photography: Sara Batool

Edit: KADC

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