Hey there wonderful earthlings!

I don’t think I have to ask you all what’s up, because you already know. My apologies for having to postpone the Herschel backpack giveaway because of University priorities, but thank you so much! Because you guys are so excited and just didn’t stop reminding/asking me about it. Hahaha

For those who don’t know already, I am giving a couple of Herschel backpacks just like the picture above to you and your bestfriend or a loved one! Why the same? If you have met me personally, regardless if you see my style posts, I am not the most basic person you will meet. Now, I am not saying that I’m super cool and high maintenance or anything, but let me just say that I like being unique (& okay, maybe a little bit cool. Who doesn’t like feeling cool? I mean, c’mon!)

& so, I decided to pick the same funky design because I believe whoever is going to enter this giveaway competition is unique in their own way and has the GUTS to style something out of their  comfort zones!

& for those who are not ready yet? Well, I challenge you to get out of that comfort zone and reveal that inner fun in you. Plus, FOOD x FASHION is a trend.

I for one am guilty of that. I mean, sweetie, my phone case has the design fries with googly eyes on it. Weird but cute!

Okay, I shall now shut it & spill out the bins!

How to win?

  1. Make sure to be following my on Instagram (@kadc29), Herschel Supply Co, & Club Apparel
  2. Like & repost this photo with hashtags #giveawaykadc #kadcturns19 & tag/mention me.
  3.  Mention someone who you think can also stylishly flaunt this bag, for you & that person to win it & twin it!


For more chances to win:
  • Go to my Facebook page: Daily Dose of Fashion X 
  • Like and share my style post featuring Herschel with the hashtags #giveawaykadc #kadcturns19

I will be announcing 1 lucky winner (with their mentioned friend/love one) who will be winning the giveaway on May 5, Thursday.

Terms and conditions apply:

  • Giveaway competition exclusive for UAE residents/visitors only.
  • Be sure to make your Instagram account public for me to see!



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