Happy weekend, wonderful earthlings! As I am currently at the Dubai Design Week 2017 at Design District at this very moment, where creative minds come together, converse and share ideas.. I thought it was just fitting to finally share to you a quite over due review in partnership with Zaful. Zaful is an online-shop offering you exciting and edgy fashion with redefined trends for a very affordable price. I’ve been eyeing the brand for quite awhile now, and when they proposed to send some over, how could I say no?! Perfect timing.

This post is going to be all about reviewing the items I’ve chosen and received, plus, I will be introducing to you a new photographer I’ve collaborated with for this post as well! 

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. However, just because it was gifted to me doesn’t mean my opinion will be shaken. My perspective and thoughts are always 100% raw and honest. That’s how I’d like to keep my connection with all of you!

Okay, so it’s very controversial when it comes to affordable clothing for online shops, specially when it comes to websites like Zaful, Shein, Romwe, and the rest you could think of!

IS ZAFUL A HIT OR MISS?! That’s the question.

Now let me spill the beans. What I personally do is read blogposts and watch Zaful reviews on Youtube to see what is worth getting and what is not. Based on extensive research, I’d say, you just have to be very picky and careful with the sizing. Some items are amazing and some are a miss because of the sizing or fabrics used. Good news is that Zaful is a well established online shop, thus, they do deliver, and they don’t rip you off! Unless you pick an item which you already had a gut feeling that it would be bad.. Then, that’s really on you for choosing that. #justsaying

On the other hand, all the items I received were a big YAY! I found Olivia Jade (one of my fave quirky young youtubers) wearing this outfit set from Zara, and I was so happy when I found a dupe at ZAFUL!! The fabric used is not life changing, but the quality and stitching are pretty awesome for the price you pay. I’m usually a size small, but based on reviews I read online, I suggest you size up just to be safe. Did I already mention, this set’s got pockets! That just got me right there.

I got a pair of bikini which fits very well and manufactured great (I sized up again)! I would post it here, but I don’t want creepers on my platform. Plus, hoop earrings, and let me just tell you, I wear them… ALL. THE. TIME. AMAZING! They’re just not your basic hoops, they have detailed design on each which I dig. Gotta be different in someway all the time, right?

Overall, my experience with Zaful was great for the price. They delivered it right on my door step too, that’s a plus for me! Would I ever spend on Zaful in the future. MOST DEFINITELY!

Now, let’s talk about the person behind these amazing pictures. Meet Niju from @nvbeautypixels on Instagram. Yep, we met from social media. That’s what I love about Instagram, you get to meet new people, share creative ideas, and make it happen! Working with Niju was a great experience, a kind, visioned, and a gentleman – he specializes mostly on portraits when it comes to fashion and style looks.  I always thought that whenever we are working with light, I should be facing a certain angle to make it as efficient and have the best results. Though this man, made every angle work! 

Feel free to check out his Instagram portfolio (link attached to his social handle stated earlier) and reach out to him if interested. Let Niju know you came from here! 

What I’m wearing:

Hoop earrings: Zaful

Sunnies: Sunnies Studios PH

Necklace: Forever21

Dress set: Zaful

Photography: Niju @nvbeautypixels

Edit: KADC

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